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The Witch Coven of Garlgast, Theme Machine Minds

I have always looked at the Witch Coven and thought they were cool but other casters in the Cryx faction were just way better.  Last night I was wanting to make something different and new for me but I couldn’t get past the writers block I was having.  Then it dawned on me.   Witch Coven Tier 4 list could be brutal and easy to abuse.  Lets look at the Tier list:

nq 45


Tier 2 is when this theme starts having fun.  Having 2 Overseers is not a problem when they give me a 2 pt price break on Heavies and 1 pt on Lights.  Kick it up to tier 4 on now soul collector jacks start with a soul.  I started to drool a little as my thoughts went deep into the dojo.  My first few lists had 3 Overseers and an entire army of Slayers but then I knew I had to keep the list a little divergent to force the question back to my opponent…how can you stop all of these threats?  So i put in only 2 Overseers and placed 3 jacks to each of them.  A Slayer, a Harrower and a Helldiver.  The Harrower gain the 1 soul token from the tier benefit, the Helldivers only need focus when they pop up from there underground assault paths to do work and the Slayers have 3 initials so not alot of focus needs to be spent on those packages.  I had forgotten that the Overseers can share their focus with their jacks so that can make it interesting when battle starts.  Balance out the list with an arc node for the Witches and a Skarlock, a Mechanithrall package for recursion, bile thralls to help create a ton of souls and Machine Wraiths for scenario runs and a kill or Machine Meld when the opportunity arrives.  The Witches have a few spells that can really help this list out.  Occultation for the Biles, Ghost Walk is always a power house for Cryx and Veil of Mists to block LOS of the opponents yet allow you to do work from a distance or up close and personal.  My list is below and the funniest part about it is that my current configuration is actually a 65 point list in the body of a 55 pt list.  Maybe adding a 3rd Overseer might need to be revisited.


Void Seer Mordikaar

Skorne…this faction is interesting.  It’s like when we are at Thanksgiving and there are 2 tables set up for the big feast.  The adult table and the kids table.  Skorne is so close to leaving the kids table but a lot of players look at them like they are just not good enough.  They have great beasts (Bronzeback Titan and Molik Karn) and the ever so annoying Agonizer.  A good stable of warlocks with all 3 of the Makeda’s, eHexeris and my roll model Dominar Rasheth.    But I want to look at Void Seer Mordikaar.  Who is that you say?  He is the last warlock on the War Room app from Privateer Press.  You may miss him since you pass all of the greats of the faction and go to the “old faithful” warlocks.  His stats are pretty average with a 14 DEF and 16 ARM.  His Death Blast has an AOE 3 POW 13 with the range of 10.  Nothing to sneeze at.  His inate abilities are rock solid in my book.  Cull Soul (remember I am a Cryx player by heart or is that heartless), Poltergeist and Void Lord (Void Spirit models gain boosted melee attack rolls in his 14″ control area).  Both his weapons also have Life Drinker on them so he can survive some damage.  His spell list is a good tool kit of items that allow him to get rid of upkeep spells, turn a friendly faction non-warlocks into a SP 6 arc node with a POW of STR +5 of the model then they are removed from play.  Best utility spell in Ghost Walk.  Revive to bring back destroyed grunts in formation and Hollow to give tough and undead as well as a light version of Cull Soul.  The Despoiler heavy warbeast has Affinity for Mordikaar that gives him Dark Shroud.  He also has Black Art,  Death Gate for popping out more Void Spirits and opponents can’t take control of him.  The Animus for the Despoiler is Arcane Suppression…FU Butcher 3!!!  The list I created for Mordikaar tries to work with these tricks he has and to the best of their ability magnify them.  Krea makes the Poltergiest even better for Mordikaar or when he pops his feat that gives the entire army more +_3 DEF and Poltergeist.  Powerful unit in the Arcuarii and some of the usual faces.

If you want to use these boys as whipping posts try using a different one and see if the switch gets turned around on to your opponent.


Epic Thagrosh, The Messiah

Legion of Everblight is my favorite Hordes faction.  Huge flying beasts that excel in melee and range.  Enough tricks to make think twice and a great pool of warlocks.  eThags has some very interesting things about him and once again I look at a few pieces that I wish to abuse.  His base stats are really good, he has a spray and 2 initial attacks, has Flight, Blood Spawn, Anthac and I swear if you have the secret decoder ring of Everblight there are a few more items hidden on the card.  His spell list has 2 obvious big hitters:  Scourge for a little “Pop and Drop” action and Manifest Destiny for his battlegroup (I hear Signs and Portents is pretty good with pVlad).  But I am looking at Dragon’s Blood to do some extra work.  Target friendly non-warlock Faction model/unit gains +2 ARM.  When an affected model is disabled by a melee attack, roll a d6.  On a 5 or 6, the attacker suffers 1 point of damage.  The ARM bonus is nice, the point of damage is nice to the attacker.  What if we put this on Blighted Ogrun War Spears???  I know what you might be thinking…eThags is a beast warlock, why are you thinking of units?  Hear me out.  The go from 16 ARM to 18 ARM which is very nice.  The War Spears have Assault (Order) to get a melee and a ranged attack together, have set defense for that initial trade that will happen and 8 boxes of health.  Add in the UA and you get an additional Huntsman for +2 movement and +2 damage (so +4 with the Assault (Order) as well as Pathfinder when you charge from Relentless Charge.  Also the Warmonger War Chief gives Blood Drinker to gain back life and Veteran Leader to give them +2 on attack rolls.  MAT goes from 7 to 9 and RAT goes from 5 to 7!!!  But let’s not stop there.  How about adding to the mix a Gatorman Witch Doctor to add Zombify to the equation.  They kill the Ogrun, roll  the 5 and take damage then roll for Tough and get the 6 and heal 1 hp.  Attack on their turn and blood drinker to start gaining life back.  SICK!!!!  Then if you really want to make a splash Sacrificial Strike a War Spear for a POW 16 magical damage roll.  These guys are awesome but with a little support go ballistic.  I put together a list that I think should work well with these thoughts and may push the norms for most Legion players.


Asphyxious 3

This weekend the gang is getting together to roll the bones and I am able to join in the fun.  I have been looking to break a mold that is very sensitive in the Cryx community.  All I ever hear is how great Asphyxious 2 is.  I am not going to disagree but the strategy to lose parts of your army to then later possibly gain a benefit is scary to me.  I am looking at Asphyxious 3 for this weekend.  He has some better stats DEF 15 ARM 17.  A great spell list that contains Ashen Veil (I feel that this needs to be abused).  My first thought was with Satyxis Raiders and their UA will now be a DEF 18 vs Ranged and immune to blast damage.  Already I am super excited.  But I said I wanted to abuse this.  The Raiders will already be a DEF 16 vs Ranged thanks to the UA.  Why not find another way to break this.  It took me awhile but I found it.  An 8 point Helljack is screaming for this spell to be placed on him.  Erebus…  He starts at DEF 14 and ARM 18  So he jumps to a DEF 16 which is already pretty solid, but keep reading his card.  Poltergeist become a lot more valuable when you have Ashen Veil on him.  Many units need to roll well above average on 2 dice to hit a DEF 16 and those that can boost still need to roll above average.  If they miss he begins to move units out of his way before he or someone in his army begins to make their attack run.  Knocking ranged back an additional 1″ to 3″ is even better since it may put them out of range for next turn.  Even when in melee the enemy models have a -2 to hit.  Free attacks aren’t as scary and may even be invited since they will open lanes to allow Overtake to benefit from.

On top of Ashen Veil,  Carnage helps with the entire armies accuracy vs living or dead models.  Mobility turns our already fast jacks into blazing fast.  A Seether now runs for 16″ for free keeping pace with the Satyxis and then charging a whopping 11″ with 3 initials and a focus to boost or buy just for the hell of it!

The Raiders have even more love with Scything Touch.  Not only will Carnage make them more accurate but the “Touch” will make them hit even harder with their 2 attacks.  Not to mention the UA’s mini-feat.

Think pDenny but instead of slowing down the enemy you put yours into over-drive.

Here is my list I will be using.  Will see what happens i the field but I think this type of Cryx mindset should be looked at and considered for 2014

.Gaspy3 w Erebus

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