Epic Thagrosh, The Messiah

Legion of Everblight is my favorite Hordes faction.  Huge flying beasts that excel in melee and range.  Enough tricks to make think twice and a great pool of warlocks.  eThags has some very interesting things about him and once again I look at a few pieces that I wish to abuse.  His base stats are really good, he has a spray and 2 initial attacks, has Flight, Blood Spawn, Anthac and I swear if you have the secret decoder ring of Everblight there are a few more items hidden on the card.  His spell list has 2 obvious big hitters:  Scourge for a little “Pop and Drop” action and Manifest Destiny for his battlegroup (I hear Signs and Portents is pretty good with pVlad).  But I am looking at Dragon’s Blood to do some extra work.  Target friendly non-warlock Faction model/unit gains +2 ARM.  When an affected model is disabled by a melee attack, roll a d6.  On a 5 or 6, the attacker suffers 1 point of damage.  The ARM bonus is nice, the point of damage is nice to the attacker.  What if we put this on Blighted Ogrun War Spears???  I know what you might be thinking…eThags is a beast warlock, why are you thinking of units?  Hear me out.  The go from 16 ARM to 18 ARM which is very nice.  The War Spears have Assault (Order) to get a melee and a ranged attack together, have set defense for that initial trade that will happen and 8 boxes of health.  Add in the UA and you get an additional Huntsman for +2 movement and +2 damage (so +4 with the Assault (Order) as well as Pathfinder when you charge from Relentless Charge.  Also the Warmonger War Chief gives Blood Drinker to gain back life and Veteran Leader to give them +2 on attack rolls.  MAT goes from 7 to 9 and RAT goes from 5 to 7!!!  But let’s not stop there.  How about adding to the mix a Gatorman Witch Doctor to add Zombify to the equation.  They kill the Ogrun, roll  the 5 and take damage then roll for Tough and get the 6 and heal 1 hp.  Attack on their turn and blood drinker to start gaining life back.  SICK!!!!  Then if you really want to make a splash Sacrificial Strike a War Spear for a POW 16 magical damage roll.  These guys are awesome but with a little support go ballistic.  I put together a list that I think should work well with these thoughts and may push the norms for most Legion players.



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