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Master Necrotech Mortenebra

After my post on the Witch Coven and their Tier 4 theme I started to rethink my Morty list.  Most people I see play the Tier list for Morty.  I do not like the Tier for this caster.  It leaves her wanting for unit spam removal and a few other key elements.  I would like to think I thought of the build type for Morty myself but it is more a brain child of Lamoron over at the Overseer site.  He calls it the Flying Circus of Death.  Take a bunch of Jacks, mainly the Scavenger, Blood Witches, Wither Shadow Combine and other high powered solos and you have an assassination/Jack caster.  Lamoron feels that with Collasals the build is lacking.  Not that I disagree but I still think she is a great drop against many factions.  I decided to ramp her up a bit awaiting for the Inflictor to be loaded up on War Room.  Erebus is where I divert from some players logic.  8 pts and under Terminal Velocity allows for him to charge 11.5 inches and potentially hit 5 times.  Using overtake to move an inch after every kill can open up a huge hole in any unit that might be blocking the way to the caster and poltergeist cold even help out on missed free strikes.  Madelyn Corbeau to add 3″ to anyone I need to move a little bit to get an angle on an assassination vector or to get closer to kill something that might trigger Overun.  The Harrower is a great unit removal piece and is one of my top 5 favorite Jacks, but I wanted to include Bile Thralls into this configuration.  The 6″ arc Purge attack is just unbelievable and can really clear the way for Morty and the crew.  Adding to them a Skarlock Commander to increase the command range a little bit more wont hurt and that model helps in the range attack department as well.  Most of the rest is standard for the Flying Circus…Stalkers, Helldiver, Scavenger for the Assassination runs, Satyxis Captain for hit and run on solos/units with the Blood Witches as mass removal with their Death Strike attack and Blood Hag tough nullifier.  Wither Shadow Combine for Jack Control, dice manipulation on top of the feat turn and upkeep control.  It is not a primary of a 2 or 3 caster tournament but I think she is a good 2nd list and an auto 3rd list based on the tournament.  It just asks the question..”How do you stop the options???”



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