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Wraith Witch Deneghra – the Best of Two Builds


It has been awhile since my last post.  A lot of things have happened and one of them is I have been able to squeak out a few more games then usual.  Actually putting theory into practice.  Some turned out real good and some not so much.  But isn’t that why we play these games?  So my first post after a long time away is on one of the best of the bunch…eDenny.


This article is one that is not all thought up on my own.  Sometimes inspiration comes from other lists that other players have put together.  By no means am I talking net decking.  More like, WOW, this part and this part are really good but what happens if I meld those parts together?   First part is Lamorons Naval Company.  I had seen one of his posts on twitter talking about running 3 Leviathans with eDenny.  First I thought he was being silly with talking about his play testing for the 2014 WTC.  But then he posted the build and play tested it with some good success.  The thought of that much firepower was insane…so insane I took it very seriously.  The second part is from Anthony Ferraiolo of the Dark Omen Gaming Club.  In episode 27 of their podcast Forgot to Feat, Anthony talks about his builds he recently took to a tournament (BTW he just won 2014 Master at Captaincon with it).  It is an eDenny list that focus’s on applying as much pressure as it can with Jamming units like Satyxis Raiders, Soulhunters and everything else SPD 7 or higher.  His idea is to rush on turn one then feat turn 2.  Possibly catching you stuck in the kill box if the scenario has it but at least keeping you in one spot with lowered DEF making you ripe for the pickings.  That list is not to far form the norm of the strategy but when he was winning fast due to kill box I thought that was extra good.  I liked both builds but I am not good with out a solid plan B in my mind.  These guys know their meta way better as well as the rest of what the other factions can do.  Me…not so much.  So I mashed the 2 together.


I use both strategies together to work all the angles.  Rush in on my first turn with Raiders and Hunters, 2nd turn hopefully catching a good bit of the opposing force in eDenny’s feat.  Kill Box is a bonus here.  What ever Raiders and Hunters are left should take a huge bite out of the forces and then the Leviathans and Harrowers advance and shoot for the high heavens.  Their second turn should not be to much since they can’t move plus I should be licking the tears off of their faces by now.  Swing back to my turn and the Harrower comes in with Thresher and Souls and the Leviathans either shoot or buy many claw attacks.  Aiakos can jump in now and join the fun.  Denny is dropping Hellmouths to finish the deal.  You either board the opponent of their models, have 5 CP’s or accidently kill the caster.  If one avenue is shut down another one will open and if they close that one a third will happen.  Once again this build came from inspiration from some of the elite in the game.  I owe them thanks for openly talking about what they are doing in the game and for the community.



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