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Epic Skarre – Queen of the Broken Coast


Admittedly I never really took a look at eSkarre.  How did 1 turn of you can’t attack my specific thing or your specific thing cant attack really make a bit of sense.  My introduction to Cryx was on of put more models out then your opponent, and swarm them until the dam broke and you won.  eSkarre is way different then that.  Over at the Midnight Carnival was my first real Eureka moment for eSkarre.  An awesome write up that made me really want to put a list together for this salty wench.

I know it is said that she is a Jack Caster.  I prefer to think she is a great low model count caster.  With having Jacks take up much of your points I guess both things can be said.  I looked at her spell list and I wanted to exploit Black Spot in multiple ways.  With a -2 debuff and the ability to attack another model after killing a Black Spotted model is awesome.  But which models to help me abuse this.  Pistol Wraiths work good with this.  Kill one model in a unit, gain a soul…black spot attack, gain a soul…ROF 2 attack, gain a soul…black spot attack.  4 Down and 3 souls on the Pistol Wraith.  He is now loaded for a bigger target.  Erebus can get silly with how this spell interacts with him.  Load him up with 3 focus and he can wipe out and 8 man unit by himself with overtake and who cares if some free strikes might happen on him.  Poltergeist might actually open up an avenue when they miss and they get shoved back D3 inches.  And all of this at a minimum of 9 inches away.  God forbid you use Perdition prior to his activation and move him 6″ up the board.  A Harrower can get silly with its Ghost shot.  Kill just one black spotted model in the AOE and get another shot.  For good measure a DeathJack can help out with focus needs and the sheer raw power he brings to the table.

Support is what really puts this list over the top.  Gorman to put up clouds around Skarre to get he DEF up to 18 is pretty legit.  Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls help her to heal after she cuts to keep up keeps going with out using the focus.  Side benefit is you now have 3 figs to run interference for her as a small screen.  Raider Captain gives you an additional gun but also No Sleeping on the Job keeps Skarre’s DEF always up.  Even the Blood Witches get this while giving Skarre access to Entropic Force, Dispel and Death Strike.  All great control mechanisms.

Skarre can even go in a do the deed herself.  Takkaryx having Life Trader and of course her Great Rack with knock down will more then do what she needs done.  With all of this the I have yet to mention the best part.  Seas of Fate is re-donk-u-lous!  Oh I missed…let me boost now to hit you…WTF!


I have read some posts that feel she is terrible.  I think you just need to play her to see what you are missing.  Jam a couple of Jacks down someones throat and then feat…wait for you hear that….that was your opponent crying in the corner.



Kommander Zoktavir, The Butcher Unleashed


The best of my experience is with Cryx.  But I started out looking at Khador.  Big, red, stompy robots was a very cool image that was presented to me by my play group. @SteveLickman of is where I drew my early fascination of the game.  I saw what he was doing and how things interacted and it really got me into the game.  Then he went and got Butcher3 and a Conquest.  I started to like him a little less after that.  But still it opened a whole new world and made me think of what would I do if I played Khador and had those models.  @SteveLickman has already “unleashed” this on our group but I wanted to run my thoughts on this as a tribute to my friend.  I call this list “Chaos”.  The butcher comes in with a Grolar in his battlegoup with all of his dogs.  With everyone trying to stay away from Butcher a nice ranged piece might fit good for him.  Energize for 3 inches after Madelyn Corbeau gave him an additional 3 inches is pretty sick.  Now the ranged threat went from 8 inches aiming (RAT 6 now) to 14 inches aiming!  and a ROF 5 POW 12 gonna put some beat down.The Conquest being run by Andrei Malakov with the aid of 6 Mechanics should keep him and the Conquest in good shape.  Alexia should be popping out a lot of Thrall Warriors from the Butcher going off to the Grolar beating face with his Piston Hammer.  I see this list winning a lot on scenario.  Being able to keep a lot of things at bay with multiple avenues of threat is its strength.  Fast Iron Fang Pikeman with the Black dragon UA and Iron Fang Kovnik to a Grolar moving up 10 inches on a charge with help from the team.  This build could get paired up with a Vlad2 Gun Line to really list chicken people.  Prepare for a cold and bloody battle when the Butcher comes knocking with a little Chaos…


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