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Kommander Zoktavir, The Butcher Unleashed


The best of my experience is with Cryx.  But I started out looking at Khador.  Big, red, stompy robots was a very cool image that was presented to me by my play group. @SteveLickman of beerandmonsters.com is where I drew my early fascination of the game.  I saw what he was doing and how things interacted and it really got me into the game.  Then he went and got Butcher3 and a Conquest.  I started to like him a little less after that.  But still it opened a whole new world and made me think of what would I do if I played Khador and had those models.  @SteveLickman has already “unleashed” this on our group but I wanted to run my thoughts on this as a tribute to my friend.  I call this list “Chaos”.  The butcher comes in with a Grolar in his battlegoup with all of his dogs.  With everyone trying to stay away from Butcher a nice ranged piece might fit good for him.  Energize for 3 inches after Madelyn Corbeau gave him an additional 3 inches is pretty sick.  Now the ranged threat went from 8 inches aiming (RAT 6 now) to 14 inches aiming!  and a ROF 5 POW 12 gonna put some beat down.The Conquest being run by Andrei Malakov with the aid of 6 Mechanics should keep him and the Conquest in good shape.  Alexia should be popping out a lot of Thrall Warriors from the Butcher going off to the Grolar beating face with his Piston Hammer.  I see this list winning a lot on scenario.  Being able to keep a lot of things at bay with multiple avenues of threat is its strength.  Fast Iron Fang Pikeman with the Black dragon UA and Iron Fang Kovnik to a Grolar moving up 10 inches on a charge with help from the team.  This build could get paired up with a Vlad2 Gun Line to really list chicken people.  Prepare for a cold and bloody battle when the Butcher comes knocking with a little Chaos…



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