Epic Asphyxious prt 2



I know I have one article discussing the BMoC but I wanted to revisit him now that I have my very own Kraken.  My other build I talked about previously was about solid jacks that did not require much focus and troops to benefit from his buffs.  This will be cut from the same mold but with a much bigger knife.

First we have the Kraken.  He will strongly gain from Carnage to allow his hitting ability to go through the roof and allow for Kill Shot to go off every round you need it to.  Not to mention Sweeps will be just disgusting.  Initially he may require some attention in the focus department but after awhile you can convert some of those corpse tokens to help out Gaspy before the feat turn.  Oh and the Mobility will be used as well with giving him a run of 14″ turn one will freak everyone out.

A Death Jack is the other party member of the battlegroup.  He will allow Gaspy to steer the Kraken and he can put up Ashen Veil/Scything Touch on a unit or use boneshaker to clear a path.

As for units my two of choice for Gaspy are Satyxis Raiders and Bloodgorgers.  Both have 2 initials and either CMA or Gang which can get disgusting with either Carnage or Scything touch.  Of course you know that Ashen Veil finds a good home on Stayxis Raiders giving then an effective 18 DEF vs RNG.  The UA and Gerlack will complete these two units to make them even more back breaking.

Finish this of with our best Character unit, The Withershadow Combine.  Re-rolls, free upkeeps, enemy upkeep removal, stealth and a chance to make a jack from the scrap an enemy jack….LEGIT!!!!

I know that Goreshade 3 can run the day lights out of a Kraken as well.  I think that Gaspy 3 can also run the tar out of troops and make the Kraken do some really fun tricks…and by fun I mean break the back of your opponent.



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