Epic Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight


I thought I would let my thoughts slip away from Cryx for a little bit and lay down some thoughts on Abby 2.  All you have to say is Conferred Rage is stupid with Legion.  1st…being able to charge or power attack with out forcing is good enough but if Abby kills something they get +2 MAT and SPD!!!!  Pretty good if I say so myself and I do say.  I feel that she is able to be run on auto pilot but if you want to dominate with her she has some tricks up her sleeve to make that happen.  Get in the mix of things and then Teleport out for safety…Psycho Surgery to heal up what needs to be healed…Return fire is disgusting with all the Legion Heavies the have guns (hey Cygnar, come get some!)…Stinger reminds me of Goreshade 3 with Syphon Bolt and how well of an assasination tool it will be.  Now granted I am not a player of Legion but a player that respects the power of other factions.  Keep your friends close and you enemies closer…The list below is all about controlled speed.  Blast away with the big guns and then unleash everything on feat turn to either kill a caster or set up the scenario win.

abby 2


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