Player substitution for Team USA Stars.

Warmahordes & Guild Ball World Team Championship

Due to unexpected personal reasons, Keith Christianson of Team USA Stars has unfortunately had to drop out. The Captain of his team has talked to the substitutes they had lined up, and Anthony Ferraiolo is willing to join the team at this very short notice.

However, that leaves the issue of the lists, since Team USA Stars did not submit an alternative player with his lists at the time of the list submission deadline. He agreed to use his Cryx lists that were last used at all 2 list tournaments from his last convention, namely CaptainCon.

This proposal was put to the WTC Captains and a supermajority of them approved this plan and so we are pleased to announce that Anthony will be joining us in Poland.

His lists will be substituted into the databases available to the public at both the WTC website and our partner Discount Games Inc.

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