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Player substitution for Team USA Stars.

Player substitution for Team USA Stars..


Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight – Support Models


Last weekend I played a 35 pt game of Cryx (eGaspy) vs Legion (eLylyth).  My opponent brought a heavy beast centric list.  Carnivean, Angelius, Ravagore, Naga…  A little fury management from Shepherds.  I proceeded to rush my Satyxis Raiders and tie up the Ravagore and Carnivean as my Bane Thralls marched towards his caster and remainder of his beasts.  I just overwhelmed him by keeping high pressure since he could not break free from my jamming unit.  So we looked at the list he was using to see what we could do to improve upon it.

I took the list and pushed it up to 50pts.  Then I tried to add some jamming type units into this beast list.

What I added was a unit of Strider Rangers and the UA (Officer and Musician and the Blackfrost Shard.  Lylyth’s Feat and Pin Cushion spell both turn the Rangers on the wild fire.  RAT ^, RAT 7 for the Officer,  are not to shabby but rolling 3 dice dropping one sure does help that out.  DEF 15 makes them very hard to hit and SPD 7 helps you engage to keep blast damage at a minimum.  CMA, Stealth, Path Finder and Advance Deploy make them pretty sick and then get Reform and Hunter from the UA…LEGIT!  9 pts for 8 models is a little pricey but everything you get will allow your beasts to get into the play when it matters.  The Blackfrost give you a lot of play with s DEF debuff and possible stationary, damage buffs while hidden in stealth.

Wait … did you hear that … was that an arrow … to late …


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