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Pirate Queen Skarre – All Comers List


I have been going over a lot of the WTC Cryx lists to see what unique ideas are happening across the pond.  While I was looking at the list I was listening to the Chain Attack episode that was talking about the lists as well and what their thoughts are about them.  When Jay, Trevor and Scott talk, I listen. I had never thought of pSkarre as an all comers type list.  I looked at her more of a blunt weapon…a very good blunt weapon.  The lists I always came up with were of the mindset of multiple attacks to gain as much benefit out of Dark Guidance and the Feat.  It would still have a lot of limitations on it due to that make up since most multi-attack have low P+S.  So I thought, try to make something that can be the lead list and move from there.

So I looked at options.  Satyxis Raiders are my crutch but oh what a crutch.  Fast, good defense, multi-attack and some reach.  Great to jam, power swell and then a low P+S to not do to much.  So I added in Soulhunters.  More speed, more attacks, reach and decent P+S.  I then looked at our bread and butter units of Banes.  I chose to go with Knights for 3 reasons over the Thralls.  Vengeance is almost a shoe in to trigger so I will bank on the extra 3″ of movement as a speed buff.  If I connect with something that is a bonus.  They turn into effectively a SPD 6.5 unit.  Reach is also an additional item that will be need to deal with Trolls making walls or casters usibng terrain effectively to stay just out of reach.  And then finally Ghostly.  Another piece to scare casters is the fact that no where is safe to hide.  Plus as a side effects Skaree has a P+S 16 she can use if she Sacrifical Strikes a Bane Knight.  Mechanathralls for there multi-attack and for Ritual Sacrifice offerings.  Bile Thralls, who are my second crutch but boy are they so effective.  Toss in a Skarlock to help cast things.  I also went big for my jack points.  Specifically Deathjack.  Self sufficient and under Dark Guidance he will hit everything and then add the feat and he is wrecking Colossal’s by himself.  The last 3 points is for our Super Solo Aiakos.  He is not running a Leviathan or a Kraken.  In this build he is an assassin like the Dragon Father demands.  MAT 6 can miss alot of things but once again Dark Guidance will fix that.  Camping his full FOCUS he is a 18 ARM so blast damage shouldn’t bother him but when feat turn happens that FOCUS will by attacks and drop something big with now having a P+S 17. With adding Bane Knights, Aiakos as a Solo and moving towards Deathjack I feel this list can step up as the 1st list in either a 2 or 3 list pairing.  Speed to jam, long term threats, assassination threat vectors and scenario presence makes this an interesting list that needs to put some “boots to ass”.



Scenarios chosen for the 2014 WTC

Warmahordes & Guild Ball World Team Championship

Here are the scenarios that will be played at the event, in no particular order.

  • Supply and Demand
  • Process of Elimination
  • Close Quarters
  • Incoming
  • Outflank
  • Into the Breach

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