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The Witch Coven of Garlghast – Master of Maneuverability


The Witch Coven has always intrigued me.  From my post on their theme list I enjoyed what a could be a ton of robots stomping around.  But when you really look at what they can do they are more like an onion.  You can keep peeling layers back to find other goodies.  I will first start of with the spell Infernal Machine – 2 cost 6 range Target warjack in this battlegroup gains Terror and +2 MAT and SPD.  Goreshade 3 has this and he turns a Kraken on like wildfire with it so why not with the Witch Coven.  But lets put this with a speedy warjack as well.  Scavenger is fun with this so you can make your opponent do massive amounts of Terror checks as the bird flys around for 18 inches.  Our regular arc nodes can move into position on 1st turn and be set for the next spell on the list…Stygian Abyss.  Cost of 3 range 10 POW 12.  Put that through your arc node that just ran 18 inches you now have a threat of 28 inches.  the difference between you and your opponent is 31 inches…and with Perfect Conjunction making your spells cost 1 less you could have 3 attacks with either boosted attack or damage.  On average you are hitting a 15 to 16 DEF and doing on average 18 to 19 damage per shot.  Adjust for boosting and you have a dead caster/warlock for the most part.  You can do this almost any turn and if your opponent is not aware of it you will get to live the dream.  But on top of that the girls allow you to get to almost anywhere you want to go.  Ghost Walk, Curse of Shadow and Veil of Mists are the keys to unlocking the screen that may have been put up in front of you or the wall they are hiding behind.  Wouldn’t it be fun to Power Attack Trample with the Kraken with out taken free strike?  How about not worrying to much about order of activations with each witch acting on their own turn and then being able to put Curse of Shadow on your own guys to move past to clear a lane and then do it again to have your assassin move through an enemy to get to the caster.  I love my Bile Thralls.  I hate them getting shot upon approach.  They can get stealth if you want them to be safe with the Witch Coven and then purge when they are inside the stealth bubble.  Not to mention her Feat that removes their alpha with your counter punch alpha.  When LOS is 5 inches and you loose -2 to MAT and RAT happens you get to make the call.  With Cryx having a lot of good, self sufficient solo’s, a caster like this will give people fits.  Hey Cygnar…now you see me, now you don’t!



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