Karchev the Terrible


BIG, RED, STOMPY, SLOW ROBOTS!  That’s what I initially think of when I think of Khador.  But we all know about Karchev and his spell Tow.  He can have up to 3 Jack’s, at the end of his movement, place themselves in his back arc.  The thing to remember is it is friendly Jacks not his battle group.  Pair him up with the new Journeyman Warcaster for Khador Malakov and you now have a sling shot the has a threat of over 18″!  So much for slow.  But what Jacks to take?  I have placed in the battlegroup the Behemoth and a Spriggan while Malakov has Beast 09 in his.  You now have 3 very versitile Jacks that can capitalize on almost any situation.  Karchev may not support his army but his Jacks will.  The Spriggan with Bulldoze will clear a path for Beast 09 to then use his reach for more threat or the Spriggan can use his Targeting Flare to point out where something is to the rest of the army.  The Behemoth now has a 29″ threat on his guns and can still boost the to hits or not move 6″ and aim for better accuracy.  To round out the slaughter I have put in Doom Reavers and a Greylord Escort, Fenris and Alexia Ciannor & the Risen.  Lots of damage and path clearing from the Reavers as well as targets for Malakov’s Sucker ability.  He could even Sucker Alexia who will then dump that to her Risen.  In essence giving Malakov a 10″ Sucker option.  Plus the Reavers will die and hopefully charge up Alexia with souls if her opponent hasn’t already done that.  Which in turn makes more weapon masters in the form of Thrall Warriors.  For what Khador is thought of as being slow, I think this will make people take a look in their rear view mirrors before they get lapped by the big red machine.



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