Lord Arbiter Hexeris


Skorne is a faction I would love to play.  I guess I like to root for the underdogs.  I hear a lot that they have so many bad match ups that it is to frustrating to play them.  I don’t buy in to that type of thinking or play style.  Some game mechanics are better then others, some players are better then others.  I just don’t feel they have been fully unlocked do to the other power factions.  I made it a mission to not look to the internet for advice and thoughts on building an initial list for Skorne.  I went with my crazy “dojo” style list building and came up with what I think is good potential.  I will leave it up to the Skorne Community to let me know if I have failed.


I started with EHexeris.  Decent stat block and a fairly good weapon with a P+S of 14 and it has Thresher. I am so used to having arc nodes I really liked the fact he had a bond that gave him an arc node to channel some of his awesome spell list through.  Plus, if you are playing him attrition style the Vampiric Harvest should help out in the healing department for your battlegroup.  His spell list reminds me of a few other casters so I had  a little jump start on what I wanted his army to do.  Ashen Veil is very good vs a solid ranged enemy as well  when you get into Melee.  I already love Black Spot from eSkarre and how she abuses that so I wanted to see how we could build on that with all these Elephants.  Then there is Ashes to Ashes…BALL BUSTER!  The arc node just got even better with this spell since it will remove infantry out of your way as well as some of those solo’s that your opponent thought were safe.  You add is his feet to remove fury and focus from the board and he can pop this thing 2x in the feat turn or even make more crazy boosted thresher attacks.


But now to his battlegroup.  An Archidon, Cyclops Shaman and a Titan Gladiator are not only good beasts by themselves but they will enhance everything in Tyrant Zaadesh’s battlegroup.  He is running a Bronzeback Titan and a Titan Cannoneer.  Zaadesh has some tools that need to be exploited and complimented in this build.  Perdition will be good to set up either beast.  Help move the Bronzeback into a better charging distance or move the Cannoneer so he can gain some distance and still aim and then shoot at a Black Spotted unit to make his RAT an 8!  The Shaman will be slinging Animi all over the place to speed up the beasts and give pathfinder or give them sprint.  Train Wreck from the Bronzeback with Black Spot is legit as well.  Now you can have an entire army taking 1″ steps after it hits a model, then it dies and then you make your Black Spot attack and then connect and move another inch.  Start the pattern over again until you are out of attacks.  This may also help you get closer to the Warcaster to kill him on an extra long assassination run.  Zaadesh can even use the Protective Battlegroup ability he has to off load some damage to the Bronzeback to then trigger Hyper Aggressive and get the BB closer to the caster or whatever is in his way to the caster.

Filling out the build is some of what i feel is the standard stuff…Agonizer, Beast Handlers, Mortitheurge Willbreaker (BTW he will allow the Cannoneer to potentially make 4 ranged attacks under a Black Spot).  I also have the Praetorian Swordsmen and the UA in this build.  Once again to use Black Spot and the Side Step ability from the UA.  With these guys have 2 attacks and VS a Black Spotted unit they are MAT 8’s.  The P+S is only a 9 but is they have the Perfect Strike mini feat that will allow them to obliterate single wound models.

This build really makes me think that you should not just focus on the bad match-up but focus on the question you want your list to ask….



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