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Welcome to the Midnight Carnival

Father Lucant is a caster who’s power can’t be understated.  He has arguably one of the most potent toolkits in the game between his field marshal and spell list.  However, one issue that I’ve always had is building his lists, as I often want to put in more than what I have points for.  Many of my lists with him feel like they are 1 or 2 models away from where I really want them to be.  So, today, I’m going to do some list exploration with Father Lucant, which is going to be paired with my Iron Mother tier 4 and/or Syntherion tier 4 lists.


For reference, I figure I should start by showing you the lists that this list is going to be paired with.  Keep in mind, this is designed with the battle engine in mind, as I feel like that is the single piece that will…

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