Unravelling Winter’s Grasp: His Frozen Majesty

Welcome to the Midnight Carnival

With the official release of Goreshade, Lord of Ruin (hereafter referred to as Goreshade3).  I’m going to start off by mentioning something that I feel is relevant given all of the talk about him as of late:

Goreshade, Lord of Ruin is not Sorscha1.  Every time someone compares Goreshade3 to Sorscha1, Toruk kills another Iosan baby.

There it is…I said it.  With that being said, we can’t properly analyze him by looking at a caster from another faction, as Khador has very different tools to work with than what we have as Cryx.  So rather than looking at him with the context of what another faction can do with a caster who has blatantly stronger tools but is a different caster altogether, we have to look at what he can do by himself within Cryx.  Comparing Goreshade3 to Sorscha1 is like comparing apples to a jet engine, if…

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