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Video Tactics by Trevy the Great




Video Tactics by Party Foul: The Middle Game

New WTC Committee members chosen by Team Captains.

Warmahordes & Guild Ball World Team Championship

The vote to fill the two vacant Committee spots has now closed and the Team Captains have chosen two clear winners to fill the spots from a number of qualified candidates located around the globe.

Norbert Brunhuber and Peter Gaublomme have both been reappointed to their positions for another 2 year term each.  We thank the Captains for their vote on this matter and wish the Committee continued success in steering the WTC.

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50 point Thagrosh2 vs. Terminus – Fire Support – huh?

Focus on the Fury

The joy of randomly generating scenarios is that when you stop and thing about it, sometimes you get something that makes absolutely not sense. Like Thagrosh2 vs. Terminus. In Fire Support. Anyway, Will did Terminus as his caster for the Journeyman League that just ended and Thagrosh2 is one of my focus casters and to be honest the idea of having them face each other across the table just seemed kind of like a fun B Sci-Fi/Horror movie film fest so we went for it.

My list is still the same Thagrosh2 list that I have been running for a while so I am getting pretty comfortable with it. It is also Ben Leeper’s Thagrosh2 list that he took to the WTC last year. I also have to give credit where it’s due – I talked with him a bit on how to get the most out of Thagrosh2 and…

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Home of the WTC Team USA

The USA WTC Committee will begin accepting resumes for the 2015 USA WTC Team January 1, 2015 through January 15, 2015.  Resumes may be submitted to  Resumes will be voted on from January 16, 2015 to January 30, 2015.  The results of the voting will be announced onJanuary 31.

USA WTC Team Members must be able to travel to the WTC event and must have the financial capability to cover the entire cost of the event.  Fund raising may be able to help defray some expenses, but the Team Member should be prepared to cover all expenses.  The event is expected to cost approximately $2000.

Team Members are expected to actively communicate with fellow their Team Members, the USA WTC Coach, and the USA WTC Committee.  Team Members are expected to take the necessary steps to be well practiced and prepared to play at the…

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