Sorscha2 vs. Bradigus’ Tier


Let’s beat Brad! A tournament battle report of Sorscha2 vs. Bradigus’ Tier. – I just played at a small but pretty well-staffed 17 players holiday’s tournament. Won the first 2 games with B3 vs. Maelok, then S2 vs. Skarre2. …

Then came Brad in its T4 incarnation with 8 Watchers and 1 Guardian – and led by a WTC player on top.

Although I made serveral mistakes and should especially have IFed the BDP instead of Nyss at least during one round, I learned one thing in particular: I really felt pretty underpowered with S2! Amazing! Never felt this way with her.

My plan for Sorscha was to flank Brad hard on both sides of the table, remove the assassination threat (aka Shifting Stones) first and go for attrition and scenario afterwards.

Sorscha2 vs. Bradigus’ Tier: Deployment

Sorscha2 vs. Bradigus' Tier: Deployment

Sorscha2, Forward Kommander Sorscha (*6pts)
* Berserker (6pts – bonded, eat…

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