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Voting Guidelines

Home of the WTC Team USA

USA WTC voting will be active from January 16th to 30th. Players earned the right to vote by taking first place in a Warmachine Weekend Qualifier or Iron Gauntlet event. These players are currently qualified to vote:

Ryan Chiriboga
Will Pagani
Kurt Hindman
Jeremy Lee
Charles Arrasmith
Jordan Nach
Sam Ross
Brian Marino
Chad Shonkwiler
Dan Sammons
Nick Crumpton
Jason Flanzer
Brian White
Jake VanMeter
Jeremy Miller
Tom Guan
Trevor Attridge
Trevor Christensen
Keith Christianson
Andy Eden
Colin Hill
Brandon Cating
Jay Larsen
Mike Puryear

Voters should review all of the submitted resumes and then rank fifteen resumes. You must rank fifteen players, if you vote for fewer than fifteen, your ballot will be void. The first ranked resume will receive fifteen points, second place fourteen points, etc. When the voting deadline is met, the points will be tallied and the totals for players will be announced on January 31st…

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