NEWS – New Colossals for Warmachine…

So another year, another keynote address! The big news for Warmachine is a second Colossal type for most factions (except Mercenaries as far as we know). I assume it’s because they technically have 2 Colossals already. So without further ado here are some screenshots and breakdowns that were mentioned.

Cygnar Colossal Hurricane


Khador Colossal Victor

  • Siege Mortar has 3 different ammo types to choose from

iwargame_victor_01iwargame_victor_02Menoth Colossal Revelator

  • Can see Stealth & reveal Stealth to rest of the army


Cryx Colossal Sepulcher

  • Walking factory that can create Mechanithralls and Brute Thralls


Retribution of Scyrah Colossal Helios

  • Tractor beam that pushed enemies 3″ in ANY direction
  • Multiple Force Gate Abilities allows to dynamically change things (think CoC)
  • Only new Colossal with no ranged weapons


Convergence of Cyriss Colossal

  • Has electrical based defense & servitors


and check out that ass on Khador’s new character warjack for Butcher, Ruin 😉


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