Episode 54 – From the Archives (Part 1)

Elite Cadre

For….various reasons we’ve been away. We’re ramping up a new schedule at the moment, but while we do we realised some episodes never made it to air. So….what to do? Do they sit around on youtube forever as a monument to our folly? No! Stick them on as hideously outdated content that no one cares about.

The edit might not be as professional as normal but this episode has been sat waiting to see the light of day for almost 6 months.


Please note that future episodes will no longer appear on Muse on Minis and will instead revert to being exclusively on this blog, and its own iTunes feed. We’ve not had a falling out, there are no restrictions on podcasts on MoM, and we think they are a fine site, and long may they continue so to be. For us, however, it was felt that with the…

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