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Team name update – call all team Captains.

Warmachine/Hordes World Team Championship

By now if you are a 2015 team Captain, you should have gotten an email requesting to confirm your team name.  The list of current team names can be found here.

If you got this email, please respond with your team name or confirming they are fine.

If you did NOT get an email, please contact us with your name, team name, and country right away.  The address is:  committee@wmh-wtc.com

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Irish Masters News Pt. 5!

Overload Online

The Irish Masters is less than three weeks away! That’s pretty exciting! We have a few more announcements relating to the nitty gritty details for the event, including a finalised timetable, a new casual ticket, and a slight change in format.

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2015 WTC rules pack released.

Warmachine/Hordes World Team Championship

The Committee has updated the packet, which can be found here.

The format has stayed largely the same from last year, but there are few key differences that are worth reviewing the rules for.  Please ask any questions you have here or email us at committee@wmh-wtc.com

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WTC 2015 venue video – take a look inside!

Warmachine/Hordes World Team Championship

The Irish team have created a video to introduce players to the venue we’ll be at.  Have a look!

Remember that country registration for team is still open.  AND we have 64 more Solo Masters spots to fill up starting on April 1st.  Do make your plans to come to this amazing event.  For questions, email us at committee@wmh-wtc.com

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