First Impressions – Barathrum

Welcome to the Midnight Carnival

So it’s been a quiet summer for me and your resident host, MidnightCarnival. Quiet as in we have barely had a chance to post much mind, rather than quiet as in little is going on. But despite work and other schedule things being what they are, the Reckoning releases have landed and it’s time to give them their moment to shine. While it’s obviously very premature to do a proper spotlight on any of these (though I wouldn’t be surprised to be working on 1-2 later down the line!), I think at the very least we can go over some initial first impressions, and see what interesting stuff we can come up with. I’ll start then with one of my pet-favorite Cryx Reckoning releases then – Barathrum!


Barathrum (or Bathroom, as the forums have affectionately named him) hasn’t exactly been received well among most of our community. While he…

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