The Reckoning is at hand! – Unleash the Necrofactorum!

Welcome to the Midnight Carnival

Guess who’s back? Back again…

Okay, so, they were actually playing 8 Mile on the tron at Dundas Square, which resulted in me using a cheesy line from an Eminem song as the first line.  Anyways!  Thank you so much for being patient with us guys!  As Lazarus has mentioned, we’ve both been extremely busy with our work lives as of late, which hasn’t left much time for much of anything else!  But we haven’t forgotten about you guys, and with Reckoning being released at Lock & Load, it’s time to get some first impressions going!

Lazarus has given you his first impressions of Barathrum, so today, I’m going to giving you guys my first impressions of the other releases.  The first part of this is going to centre around the most game changing piece that was added for us, the Sepulcher.

Unleash the Kraken v.2.0!

The Sepulcher is…

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