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Tournament Video – Store Wars – X-Planet

Combo Smite

More tournament video. Hope you like Trolls and Skorne.  Southern Ontario meta is interesting.

Rd1 – Trolls (Doomy1) Vs. Skorne (Rasheth)

Rd2 – Cryx (Denny2) Vs. Circle (Bradigus)

Rd3 – Skorne (Rasheth) Vs. Trolls (Gunbjorn)

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Podcast 086 – Tournament 017 – Marc and Nick Go To Store Wars

Combo Smite

This week’s battle report podcast is about the results of Nick and my trip to the final Store Wars qualifier event…

July 26 Podcast 086 073
I did sorta-okay! Nick did less-okay but learned a lot! And by listening, you guys can learn a lot too!

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Full written battle reports will follow later this week (hopefully Thursday!), but for now, enjoy the podcast! And keep your fingers crossed that I manage to make it into the Top 16!

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First Thoughts on eKromac

Sustained Attack

So, I’ve been playing a little bit of eKromac, thanks to Alucard splitting a Hordes 10th Anniversary box with me. I wanted to go ahead and add my thoughts to the pile of salty tears and overjoyed Circle players.

Full disclosure: I am not a big of Kromac in the fluff or on the table. At least, this was true of Kromac1. I wanted to love his shenanigans, sending beasts in and out and juking around. I wanted to see Kromac sail over a front line of infantry and apply ax to face on the enemy caster, But, whether due to my inexperience at the time or my meta’s understanding of Kromac’s tricks, it never really panned out.

The new Kromac differentiates himself from his past by giving up on helping his army hit and run quite as effectively in exchange for additional personal prowess, a more supportive feat, and…

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Podcast 085 – Skorne (Hexeris2) Vs. Menoth (Severius1)

Combo Smite

Time to try out some new stuff! Darrell wanted to test out his pSeverius gun line against Kassem’s Skorne, and Kassem was super excited to get the (still unreleased!) Sentinels on the table… who says you can’t proxy a good game!?


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WTC seeks sound artist volunteer to create sound bumpers.

Warmahordes & Guild Ball World Team Championship

As you may have read, the crew from Enter the Crucible will be putting together an eSports-quality streaming feed for live reporting at the 2015 WTC and recordings for viewing afterwards.

The team’s vision is to create an e-Sports quality broadcast which includes special graphics and 3D renders of the WTC logo, as seen here.

The team has now identified the need to create small WTC-specific sound bites that can be used for intros and outros of their broadcasts and switching between games.  Therefore the WTC Committee is seeking a volunteer who has experience creating such music to contribute to the effort.

If you are interested in this project, please email us at committee AT wmh-wtc DOT com and tell us a bit about your background and some samples of your work.  The deadline for creating the finish pieces would be the end of August.

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