WTC streaming update – screen overlays created

Warmahordes & Guild Ball World Team Championship

A quick update on the progress of Enter the Crucible’s fundraising effort to have Esport-class streaming at the WTC this year.  Full details of their update can be found here.  Our initial post about what they want to do at the event can be found here.


  • They’ve hit $3,000 of their $4,500 goal.  Well done Warmachine Community!
  • They could still use a bit of extra money to buy some specialised equipment.
  • In return, they already have more volunteers helping them create video overlays (see images below.
  • Another volunteer is flying to the WTC on his own money to help with the equipment setup.
  • Stretch goals will allow them to bring along a 3rd commentator (we’re personally hoping for Nigel Brooks from Muse on Minis)

Let us just congratulate the Warmachine Community on this achievement.  This stream is being brought to players around the world by the players…

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