Errata’s everywhere! Don’t worry, the sky hasn’t fallen yet

Welcome to the Midnight Carnival

The August errata was just recently published this week and there has been a lot of knee jerk reactions.  Thankfully, most of the knee jerk reactions have actually been from people who don’t play Cryx, even though we were the ones who were hit hardest by it (followed closely by Cygnar).  Let’s quickly go over the big changes:

  1. Shadowbind and Blind are now shakeable – In all honesty, this is a great change for the health of the game as a whole.  While there has been a miniscule amount of doom and gloom about how this affects Deneghra and the Warwitch Siren, I’m going to say it here that this change does not devalue either one of those pieces.  Deneghra2 is still a top 5 caster in our faction (the gap between the top 4 is now significantly closer), and the Warwitch Siren is still one of the best 2…

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