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Video Battle Report #007 – Skorne (Hexeris2) Vs. Legion (Vayl2)

Combo Smite

Our podcast is a bit late this week.  How about a new Video batrep to make up for it!

We haven’t done a commentated batrep in a couple weeks since we were posting tournamemt video instead.  So here we present my Legion into Kassem’s Skorne.

Once again it’s Vayl2 vs. Hexy2 but the lists are different and so are the game changing mistakes!


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WTC 2016 will be held in the Netherlands

Warmachine & Hordes World Team Championship

As announced in the closing ceremony this year, the 2016 WTC will be held in the Netherlands on September 24-25, 2016.  Here is some preliminary information about the venue:

Center Parcs De Eemhof

Center Parcs De Eemhof is a Mediterranean themed family vacation parc in the south-east tip of the province of Flevoland next to the Eemmeer (map). This is an unique location due to the province of Flevoland was created out of the innersea around the 1960’s. It is located 5 mins walk from the beach and is known for it unique nature. It’s proximity to Amsterdam and Utrecht makes it an excellent location to host the 2016 WTC.

The Parc offers a huge range of cottages for the teams to stay in. We have 5 and 6 person deluxe cottages, which will be one per team. These cottages are equipped with everything you could possibly need…

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WTC Committee elections called for 3 slots.

Warmachine & Hordes World Team Championship

According to the WTC Charter, Committee members must step down after serving for 2 years, but can be re-elected.  At this time, Michael Winters, Ciaran Bolger, and Michal Konieczny’s terms have expired.

Therefore 3 spots are open for election to the Committee by the current team Captains.  This is a call for players interested in being considered for the spots to submit their names to the Committee via the email address:  The deadline for the nomination process is the 25-Oct, whereupon the Captains will have 2 weeks to vote on the nominees (deadline 8-Nov).

Candidates should submit any information that they feel would be relevant for the Captains to hear to help inform their vote.  It is recommended to include your name, city/state/country, Warmachine/Hordes qualifications, and why you would like to be considered for one of the Committee’s positions.

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Podcast 093 – Cygnar (Kraye) vs Skorne (pXerxis) – Those Really Bug Me…

Combo Smite

With the recent change to Haley2, it’s become more critical than ever to consider Cygnar’s list pairing options… which is wonderful, because it opens up a lot of space for warcasters like Kraye!

Picture 041 copy

Of course, just because you have opened new space, doesn’t automatically mean you will design anything *good*… let’s see what happens when my ARM-cracking Kraye list runs into Kassem fielding his new Bugs of Terror!

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2015 WTC feedback survey sent to Captains.

Warmachine & Hordes World Team Championship

An email was sent this morning to all the WTC Captains asking for some feedback from the 2015 players.  Please check in with your Captain to ensure he has the form and start to formulate your responses.  The survey will close on October 5th (in two weeks).  Thank you for helping us improve the WTC.

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