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Staying Competitive with Faction ADD – Part Two

Sustained Attack

Hello All! Last week I started this series on Faction ADD and how to stay competitive while still enjoying jumping from faction to faction. This week, we’ll be looking into the negatives (and arguments against) playing multiple factions at a time. I’m sure that many of you have heard these arguments before, but it’s always good to start by identifying weaknesses before you can develop them into strengths.

1. The Time Expense

One of the first peieces of advice a Warmachine player will recieve is to simply get lots of games in. This is excellent advice, and stays true through a Warmachine players career. The argument here goes that if you are spending time switching between factions, you are drastically reducing the practice that you can get in with any particular caster/faction. This is absolutely true, and can cause you to learn a particular caster’s strengths and weaknesses more slowly…

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Priority system rules for 3rd teams at the WTC

Warmahordes & Guild Ball World Team Championship

In consultations with the country coordinators of USA, Canada, France, Germany, and England, the WTC Committee has developed a points system to prioritise the application of 3rd teams to the competition.

In the registration process, initially any country can enter up to two teams each until a certain deadline which will be published in the rules pack.  At that stage, we will consult with the host nation to decide how many teams total their venue can accommodate.  We will then open the registration process to those nations who wish to enter a 3rd team and accept them in order of the priority system until the event is full.
WTC 3rd Team Priority System

1) Each country is awarded 1 pt per team that participated at the previous WTC, up to a maximum of 2 pts.

(We believe that a country shouldn’t ever be able to score points off their third…

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Video Battle Report 009 – Legion (Saeryn) Vs. Menoth (Durst)

Combo Smite

This week I finally get around to editing another commentated Video Batrep. This time it’s my Legion Vs. Darrell’s Menoth.


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Video Battle Report #008 – Cygnar (Stryker2) Vs. Retribution (Issyria)

Combo Smite

Another commentated bat rep for you this week.  This time its a match-up between Marc’s swans and Todd’s knife ears.

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Battle Report 094 – Cygnar (Haley3) vs Menoth (eSeverius) – High DEF Ain’t So Bad.

Combo Smite

Finally an opportunity to get Haley3 on the podcast! Sweet! I love Haley3!

IMG_20150923_211133And Darrell has a chance to try out his eSevy list… who is way better than I gave him credit for back when I was playing Menoth last year.

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