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Spotlight – eZaal

Welcome to the Midnight Carnival


With the release of Skorne’s new caster, eZaal, most people in Skorne clearly went through the 5 stages of grief in a very vocal and very chaotic manner after the initial spoilers of his rules. Since then though, I think most members of the community have calmed down a bit, and started to look at this newest caster in a more reasonable manner, with many of them coming to the conclusion that, while he might not be breaking the top tier of the game any time soon, he’s actually a pretty decent caster.

This might be a surprising fact to those looking at him purely on paper, but once you start playing it all out, eZaal is actually an amusingly legitimate caster choice. Despite looking particularly skornergistic and having no immediately obvious or overt synergy, I can honestly say that he has not only proved more fun than I…

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Podcast 100 – Delays (AGAIN)… Sorry Folks!

Combo Smite

Hey guys and gals. This week’s podcast was *supposed* to be our big 100! The ol’ one-oh-oh! But t’was not to be.

Nick got all caught up with the WMW stuff, and Marc was distracted by the horrifying events of Friday, and our noble cohosts were off nobly cohosting other things… end result is that this week’s podcast will have to wait awhile.

We never had this problem in the 50s! Anyway, podcast will come “soon”… and hopefully it’ll be a good one! Not a typical batrep, most likely (although I did have a game against Kassem, my Haley3 against his Xerxis2… and he didn’t assassinate me Top of 2! So that’s a win, right?).

Thanks for your patience!

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Battlreports, 50p steamroller Game 1 and 3


So last sunday it was finally time to get my skorne out for the first tournament since… Steamstorm in April?

After painting up a taskmaster and a second extoller and putting together my croakraiders (first time playing with unpainted stuff at a tournament, I feel bad 😦 ) i realised I did not have time to get my Zaal list together, especially since I have somehow lost my zaal model… SO I fell back on pMorghul but had to change my list a bit due to not having a brute and a second willbreaker so I went with:
pMorghul, Tiberion, Bronzeback, Gladiator, Savage, Krea, 2x Extoller, Willbreaker, max beasthandlers.
Paired with the pHexy list I have been playing for a while now.

Game 1 was against another pressganger from our neighbouring city, he brought Butcher3 and Vlad1. Butcher 3 is one of the games I have wanted to try out…

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2016 WTC Committee election results.

Warmahordes & Guild Ball World Team Championship

We are pleased to communicate the results of the recent election:

  • Teemu Aro (Finland) 15
  • Ciaran Bolger (Ireland) – INCUMBENT 16
  • Ryan Chiriboga (USA) 10
  • Harald Henning (Germany) 4
  • Steve Herck (Belgium) 4
  • Jamie Johnson (France/UK) 7
  • Jaden Liu (UK/China) 10
  • Josselin Moreau (France) 2
  • Michael “Chilly” Winters (USA) – INCUMBENT 13

This means that Teemu Aro, Ciaran Bolger, and Chilly Winters will be part of the Committee starting now alongside Norbert Brunhuber and Peter Gaublomme.

Thank you to the candidates for participating and the WTC Committee looks forward to serving the global Warmachine/Hordes community in the preparation of the next WTC!

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