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WTC highlighted in Privateer Press Insider.

Warmahordes & Guild Ball World Team Championship

The WTC rules were highlighted in a new series on the Privateer Press blog, “Privateer Insider” which looks at different formats to play Warmachine/Hordes.  Read what Will Hungerford had to say about the WTC format here.

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List Pairing for Tournament Season

steamrollerI am finally taking the plunge into the tournament scene for Warmachine and Hordes.  I have been playing consistently at my LGS and have been in 3 tournaments locally, one of which I placed 3rd.  This will be the first time I am traveling a good distance for an event so I am very excited to see how well I can do in someone else’s back yard.  I wanted to write a small article on my 2 lists that I have been playing for a while and my thoughts as to why I really enjoy what they can do.  If you follow my Twitter feed (@MangledMetal) you should see photos from the event as well as my rants on how things turn out for the day.

So on with the important stuff…


For this tourney my first list, the all comers list, is a pSkarre list.


I know the rave (and justifiable) is the 30 Bane Knight version but I want to be able to have multiple different threats in my list composition.  30 Banes is very good for what is needed but everyone knows that list and I would like to bring something more to the table.  With a lot of speed and accuracy the units in this list can tackle whatever is in their path.  Skarre can come in a put things over the top with FEAT and Dark Guidance if she needs to but this list will allow her to play back a little bit more than normal.



IMG_20151025_205403I really like Bane Riders in this list and how they can do surgical strikes on those annoying Solo’s or lower the boom on a heavy.  God forbid on FEAT turn they come swinging at P+S 20 with reach.  Ghostly is absurd with Heavy Cav and with them in the list having 2 units with Ghostly allows for things to happen that you just don’t expect.


With the amount of Pathfinder or Ghostly in this list terrain is my greatest alley.  If I win the roll to go first I have even more power than normal.  30 Banes has the same thing but with AD Satyxis Raiders followed up by Bane Knights and Bane Riders on the other side I will have a strong command on the scenario.  If my opponent wins the roll they need to be careful on the choice they make. “Never let Cryx go first” is a fair statement but you may not want to let me pick the side either.  You may get held up and still take two turns to get there giving me the alpha anyway.


Skarre has a different style of control, she takes what she wants.  But with the Blood Witches in the list they add upkeep control and with their mini feat of going incorporeal for a round they can really mess up someone’s plans in a hurry.  And don’t forget Entropic Force making Trolls a bunch of sad pandas.


I really like what Cankerworm brings to the table for Skarre.  Doesn’t need12171662_10204063743028533_89631700_o much focus early, can deliver itself with ease and can on feat turn make any model shake in its boots.  Of course the little dirt dolphin, Helldiver, is an awesome threat piece that once again will deliver itself to the fight.  Never needing focus until it comes up from the ground to lay the smack down.





The next list is a Goreshade 3 list built for high assassination threat.

12042102_10203967477141946_1644712724_nWhat I wanted in a 2nd list is shear speed and the ability to drop a caster on my 2nd turn.  Goreshade 3 can make that happen in spades.  Once again I looked at a couple of key factors in my list development to insure I could accomplish my goal.


This list does not care about anything getting in its way.  Whether a tree, a rock, a house or enemy models.  It will find you caster, it will deliver death upon you.


This list, even with its low model count, can put the hurt on just about anything.  Multiple attacks from the Soulhunters, High damage output from Bane Riders and a Kraken sped up with Infernal Machine are just the beginning.  Goreshade brings Scything Touch to the game that he can easily juggle to all of his minions.  With already good ability to bring the pain this is the cherry on top of the ice cream Sunday. Not to mention a Kraken with a threat of 14” hitting you like a truck from downtown or shooting its guns as you are frozen in place.



12048601_10203967476901940_2020891505_nSometimes having more options is a bad thing.  My thoughts for an all out assasination list is be focused and give your self the time to find the checkmate move with less distractions.  With only 21 models in the list it is streamlined to do one thing the best and that would be find the caster and take them down.  Yes the list can attrition with Mockery of Life and its ability to deal with infantry but why worry about pushing a ton of models when you have a small amount of active so you give yourself every opportunity to find the assasination.


IMG_20150904_191307Goreshade 3’s strength o his feat needs to be exploited IMO.  All of my units can find a way to get to the caster to then be feated on.  One of the best units for this is Blackbanes Ghost Raiders.  Small based, super fast, incorperal denizens of the Cryx army are so good for this list it isn’t even funny.  They can replace their own ranks, have Mockery of Life keep their numbers safe and even if you only have one left and out of position you can still manage to use Soulhunters or the Bane Riders to come in from the back door.



All in all I really like both of these list and I feel the complement each other very well.  My only reservation is my lack of experience in tournament settings.  More specifically list chicken stage of the game.  I feel I know what I want to drop into certain lists/factions but I know theory crafting is still theory.  I need a lot more play time in general with the game as a whole to really know what I should be worried about, but then again I play Cryx…

Painting by Aimee Westlund

Photography by Average Dice Productions

The horseman heralds the coming of the dragon lady

Welcome to the Midnight Carnival

As you can probably imagine, the Season 3 ADR announcement was quite the shake up!  We got lucky in the sense that Cryx got a fantastic lineup for ADR starting in January, and one that I feel will definitely shake up list building and selection.  My immediate reaction to the ADR announcement was that my 2 list pairing had been decided!  Goreshade3 and Deneghra3 both being on the ADR was quite unexpected and a rather pleasant surprise, as I was already planning on running that pairing next year anyways.  When you factor in ADR with 2 of our more flexible casters, that’s quite excellent for list construction and match up fixing, not to mention that both are flexible enough that they can take on the majority of lists in the game.

However, that’s not all that made it onto our ADR that’s exciting, as we got 2 other very strong…

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