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First wave of 2016 team registrations – please confirm.

Warmachine & Hordes World Team Championship

After almost a month, we have posted the list of teams we are aware of registering for the 2016 WTC.  Please take a moment to check that you are on the list.  If not, email us via

Countries have about 1 more month to register their first 2 teams before we open registration to 3rd teams.  Please get your deposits in and also email us that you have done so.

The current team roster is here:

Reprinting the list:

Team Austria 1
Team Austria 2
Team Belgium 1
Team Belgium 2
Team Czech Republic 1
Team Czech Republic 2
Team France 1
Team Germany 1
Team Germany 2
Team Greece Prime
Team Ireland Ceol
Team Ireland Craic
Team Portugal Kult
Team Portugal Prime
Team Russia Bears
Team Russia Wolves
Team Scotland
Team Slovenia
Team Spain Rogue
Team Sweden 2
Team Sweden Dynamite
Team Switzerland 1
Team Switzerland 2

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Party Foul Presents:Control Casters

Party Foul WMH

Another great video topic by the guys at Party Foul


Party Foul WMH


Podcast 105 – Legion (pVayl) vs Menoth (Durst) – My Armour versus His Cracking

Combo Smite

It sometimes surprises people that Legion doesn’t have a tonne of in-house ARM-cracking. A few pieces that do it really remarkably well, granted, but not a huge swath of options.

Of those options, pVayl may be the best, so let’s find out how she handles the enormous ARM-skew that is Durst!

January 16th Batrep 009

Direct Download

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Party Foul Presents: Are Focus and Fury Balanced?

The guys over at Party Foul (Scott and Greg) have put out a great video discussing the power difference (if any) between the Focus and Fury mechanics of Warmachine and Hordes.

Check out the site when you can for other great topics.

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