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Tutorial: Part 3 of my Display-Board and Movement-tray


Allright, i got this project finished and i am really happy how it turned out. I took it two times to the gaming club and it was easy to carry, and also the models were stored much faster. At home i took the two boards out of the box and placed them into my showcase. Its not longer needed to touch each model 🙂

Here is the ikea Box called Samla holding 65 Litre (about 8 Euro):


Now you need to measure the inside of the box and buy some wood, screws and brackets to build up the framework which is holding the boards.

brackets are in L-Shape and 2,5cm screws (really cheap at workshops)



I placed my token box and measured the hight of it, to adjust the brackets for the first board. After that i measured my Denny 3 for the hight of the second board. I…

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Another great article from the Party Fowl blog…A guide on Goreshade Lord of Ruin

Party Foul WMH


Battle Report 5 – Vayl2 vs Asphyxious3

How to Train Your Dragonspawn

So after a few weeks break I’ve taken some photos from a game I played last week against a local Cryx player. We’d arranged the match before where he wanted to practice Gaspy3 as his Legion drop so I decided to play my Vayl2 non-tier list. Whilst controversial for many there have been a number of recent releases that warrant revisiting her, so this is what I played:

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Delving into the think tank – How to avoid support bloat – part 1

Welcome to the Midnight Carnival

This ADR season has really given me a lot to think about  With SR2016 right around the corner, and the latest errata just dropping, there’s bound to be a fair bit of a shake up.  I’ve been building quite a fair number of lists, and with releases such as Mobius on the horizon (I’ve given up on coming up with lists that need the Inflictor for now until I have a solid release date for it), we’ve really been given a lot more toys to play with lately than it may seem at first glance.

Over the past few months, my favourite non-Warcaster releases have been the Soul Trappers.  They are a stellar solo that makes for a fantastic filler point.  They require a bit of careful thought ahead of time, and require you to always plan an additional turn ahead for maximum effectiveness, but they are an absolutely brilliant…

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Podcast 108 – CaptainCon Wrap Up

Combo Smite

Hello fine WarmaHorders! Or possibly HordeMachiners… both! Hi. How was your Valentine’s day? Would you all care for a little love from the world’s 2nd best WarMachine and Hordes podcast? Of course you would.


As promised, here is our wrap up episode from CaptainCon, including 6 games I (Marc) played, the 5 games Todd played, and the… one… game that Nick played.

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