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Mk3 thoughts and list(s)

A re-blog from a fellow Warmahordes player…

Ok so mk3 i now officially out so I figured I would write a bit about my thoughts on it. To start off, I have played quite a lot of mk3. With the leaks and taking a week vacation after Lock and Loa…

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All hail our Draconic Overlords – a MK3 edition!

Welcome to the Midnight Carnival

Well, another Lock and Load has come and gone, and with that, we have an official release for Warmachine & Hordes MK3.  As you can probably imagine, this is my favourite time for any game!  When there’s something new and fresh, so that we can test and experiment to our cold undead hearts contents!  By now, I’m sure everyone has had a chance to see some of the rules revamps and today, I’m going to talk about 2 of our most changed casters briefly.


First, the family picture. 

As you guys know, I’m a sucker for fluff pairings and trios, and a while back, I made a post regarding how I like to pair up my casters.  This is one of my trios that I call “Secret Agendas”.  It was a strong trio before, albeit a boring one outside of Goreshade3.  Scaverous and Venethrax in MK2 were quite powerful, but…

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2017 WTC host nation submission deadline approaches.

Warmachine & Hordes World Team Championship

Just a reminder to everyone that countries wishing to host the 2017 WTC need to send in their applications to us by July 10th.  Details of how to apply can be found here:

It would help the Committee if you could email us that you are intending to submit a proposal now.  Send us a short note at:  committee AT wmh-wtc DOT com

Thanks very much.

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Deadline for WTC non-players July 1; Still seeking Captain info

Warmachine & Hordes World Team Championship

We have two announcements this evening:

All attendees who have requests pending for non-playing guests at the WTC should check their email boxes and reply to them as soon as possible.  We are going to set a deadline of July 1st to make any changes. After this date, all pending requests which have not been paid will be dropped.

Secondly, we are still need the name and contact information for 19 Captains in the WTC.  Please check the list below and get in touch with us within the next week if you aren’t on it.  Thank you.

Team Australia EchidnaColin Hill
Team Australia Koala
Team Australia WallabyHarman Russell
Team Austria 1Stefan Mader
Team Austria 2Martin Florian
Team Belgium 1Wout Maerschalk
Team Belgium 2Laurens Tanguy
Team Canada MooseJeff Everit
Team Canada 2
Team China Egg RollLuke
Team China BaizhanSpike
Team Czech Republic 1Vojtech…

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The math behind Kara Sloans top of 1 assassination


Take a quick read on the below article to see the math behind what people are fearing is the death of the new edition…


MK3 Sloan Top of 1 Assassination

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