All hail our Draconic Overlords – a MK3 edition!

Welcome to the Midnight Carnival

Well, another Lock and Load has come and gone, and with that, we have an official release for Warmachine & Hordes MK3.  As you can probably imagine, this is my favourite time for any game!  When there’s something new and fresh, so that we can test and experiment to our cold undead hearts contents!  By now, I’m sure everyone has had a chance to see some of the rules revamps and today, I’m going to talk about 2 of our most changed casters briefly.


First, the family picture. 

As you guys know, I’m a sucker for fluff pairings and trios, and a while back, I made a post regarding how I like to pair up my casters.  This is one of my trios that I call “Secret Agendas”.  It was a strong trio before, albeit a boring one outside of Goreshade3.  Scaverous and Venethrax in MK2 were quite powerful, but…

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