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Unboxing the Inflictor

Welcome to the Midnight Carnival

It’s here!  After a wait of entirely too long, and an edition change, we finally have the Inflictor/Seether kit!  Here’s a quick unboxing before I get to assembling it!

wp-1472174604752.jpgMuch like all of the new plastic kits, they were nice enough to include instructions!  There’s the sexy beast on the right…

wp-1472174611572.jpgIt all comes neatly packaged inside a little plastic bag.  Remember, bags aren’t toys, don’t let your pets or infants get at them.

wp-1472174616387.jpgThe first sprue is the torso.  It comes in 2 halves much like all of the torsos do, and I have to say, I much prefer having to assemble the torso halves while they use a higher quality plastic instead of the spun plastic that they were using previously.

wp-1472174620197.jpgNext are the legs and shoulder plates.  The feet are separate, and at first glance, looks like they may only fit in one position.  Nothing a little…

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Warped Mind Games Custom Token Sets


Check out these hot new token sets and widgets from Warped Mind Games.  Crisp, clean with out of the box thinking for all your miniature gaming needs.  Can’t find what you are looking for?  Give Brain a shout and he can probably make what you are looking for.  Swing on by their Etsy store and get your order in fast!


Mk3 Warlock Study – Saeryn and Rhyas

How to Train Your Dragonspawn

Hello all, so after a landslide victory in the polls the Twins are the next on the dojo table and there is a lot to talk about with them! Rhyas and Saeryn are unique in the Warmachine and Hordes game by allowing you to play two Warlocks or Warcasters in the same game, albeit together as a unit. Even the Witch Coven has the Eregore as a center point and the Witches share a spell list and feat. For this reason Rhyas and Saeryn provide some unique opportunities you can’t get anywhere else in the game which is why I suppose they’ve topped the poll! So without further delay lets get into the Wonder Twins themselves.

522944_452313698129272_625462763_n.jpg A stunning cosplay done by Cookin’ Costumes!

Saeryn and Rhyas, Talons of Everblight

Saeryn and Rhyas are largely unchanged in their transition to Mk3 aside from Rhyas gaining a point of damage with…

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Terror on the high seas

Welcome to the Midnight Carnival

Another Gencon has just passed and with that, Gencon ninjas have come through!  I said that once Aiakos went full warcaster, I would be all-in on him regardless of how good or bad his rules ended up being, and so, Captain Aiakos is next up in my caster queue of casters to play.

wp-1471202168315.jpgIn the next few weeks, I will be doing quite a lot of testing with Aiakos to see what makes him tick.  There are some obvious weaknesses and he’s going to want every single last bit of focus efficiency he can get but I personally see a very fun caster who can reach out from a long ways out.

This is just a quick post to give you guys an update as to what’s coming up next.

’til next time!

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