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List Development: Gunnbjorn Part2

Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners

-By: Elliott (PG_E2lio2tR)

A few weeks ago I posted an article about a Gunnbjorn list I had designed. If you have not read it, go take a look HERE . At the end of it, I said I would play five games with it and come back to report what I thought of the list and what changes I think I should make to it. Well It has been 5 weeks for me and the five games have been played. It is a really solid list in many ways but could use a bit of tweaking.

The list runs almost exactly as I had planned. My beast package can put out a lot of damage from range and I can usually get a good turn or two of shooting before models go in for melee. It can actually produce more attacks than I previously thought thanks to Kill Shot. There…

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Roktober – Rd 1 – Take & Hold v Khador

Strat Cat Scribblings

Continuing the theme of getting to a bunch of one-day Steamrollers to scratch my hobby itch, I made it to another one up on London, run by Eagle Wargaming, at the Spread Eagle in Wandsworth.  Nice crowd, make a point of getting to their events if you get the chance!

Knowing I planned to battle report these, I tried to take more pictures, so hopefully less writing!  These are the lists I took, I’m still enjoying Coven unchanged from the WTC, Scaverous list is up to v1.3 now, having lost Barathrum for Malice:


Alec sorts the Round 1 pairings, and I’m drawn against the international face of warmachine, Dr Norbert!  Norbert’s brought the big red machine out for some games:


I considered dropping Scaverous, lots of infantry to get the juicy souls from as well as heavies that aren’t too fond of being TK’ed to face the wrong way each…

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Converging on Convergence

Anything Worth Doing...

Ever since the launch of Warmachine MK3 some of my friends here have been muttering about running a Journeyman League. Well, June turned to July, then August and nothing happened. But with the summer over, September seemed a natural time to reboot some Warmachine love!

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SR Finals – Round 3 (Scaverous v MACBAIN!)

Strat Cat Scribblings

Read about the prequel to this event in the Round 1 report rather than me repeating it here.

Going into Round 3, we had 3 people undefeated, so depending on the pair-down/pair-up, this could be the last round, or there could be another game.  After DohYou had done it’s thing, I got to play against the indomitable Mike Chomyk, who came 3rd, 2nd and 1st at 3 of the heats in the run up to this Finals.

Mike was prepared and had his lists printed all nice like:


I didn’t really fancy  Coven into Magnus2, I run up and Feat so I don’t get shot by all the guns… and then Magnus just counter-feats, twiddles his thumbs for a turn, and I get wrecked the following turn, so let’s not do that.  I chose to drop Scaverous instead.  Mike dropped MACBAIN!

Mike won the roll off and chose to go…

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So, You’re Going to Face: Cygnar

Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners

-By: Ryan Chiriboga

So, you are playing against Cygnar… Well, find some cover or a good forest to hide behind and let’s get started! Cygnar is the premiere ranged faction in Warmachine and Hordes with some melee potency and strong control elements.  


The ranged game is largely supported by some big guns on ‘jacks and then dialed up to eleven with warcaster support.  The primary three warjack guns to look out for are from the Defender (rng 16, pow 15), Hunter (rng 14, pow 6 armor pierce) and Stormwall (2x rng 14, pow 15).  With range and pow like those, it only takes a few hits to lay your caster low.  There are plenty of other guns to fear in the faction on ‘jacks and units alike, but none of them will scare your ‘caster off quite like the above.

Regarding melee, the unit you will see the…

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