List Development: Gunnbjorn Part2

Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners

-By: Elliott (PG_E2lio2tR)

A few weeks ago I posted an article about a Gunnbjorn list I had designed. If you have not read it, go take a look HERE . At the end of it, I said I would play five games with it and come back to report what I thought of the list and what changes I think I should make to it. Well It has been 5 weeks for me and the five games have been played. It is a really solid list in many ways but could use a bit of tweaking.

The list runs almost exactly as I had planned. My beast package can put out a lot of damage from range and I can usually get a good turn or two of shooting before models go in for melee. It can actually produce more attacks than I previously thought thanks to Kill Shot. Thereā€¦

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