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from the Seething Ginger…”The Necrotechs Workshop XXV – Terminating”


Here is another great write up from our friends over at the

This day, which has come for many before I, Has finally come. Today, I was finally able to get my inflictors. I have now joined the ranks of those many Cryxian Warlords who can be protected from the slings, arrows and bullets of outrageous fortune. It is a day I have looked forward to for a very, very long time. I’ve got two lists I’ve been eyeing for a long time, and I finally get to take a chance on both of them. I’ve talked a few times about them here, but I’ve been working on one of them continuously. Even today I’ve changed it. Lets take a look at my current, probably stupid, Lich Lord Terminus list.

Lich Lord Terminus is one of my favorite casters, and has been since his MKI days. Though he isn’t as bone crushingly awesome as he used to be, I think he has a lot of potential as a caster to try and break some of our gun line woes. He isn’t going to be perfect, but I think he has some game.

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Rules Focus: Precision Strike, Deadly Shot, Marksman, and Sniper

Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners

-By: Scott (PG_Sc077y)

In today’s rules focus, I want to talk about a set of rules that are commonly misplayed, and some of the mistakes I see new players making.  Now, don’t feel bad, because I know a lot of experienced players that make these same mistakes, and trust me, the way they are worded makes people think one thing, but the reality is different.

So today, let’s talk about damage, choosing columns, and dealing “Auto” damage effects.

Yeah, snipers, or really, any model with the rules “Precision Strike”, “Deadly Shot”, “Marksman”, “Sniper”, are some easy to use, but often nuanced rules that need to be discussed, and just to clarify any misunderstanding, we are also going to be talking about Alten Ashley.  We’re including him for the sake of clarification, because while he isn’t a sniper, he is commonly seen with them, and there are several common mistakes.


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JML SR Rd 4 – Denny1 v Scaverous – Incursion

Strat Cat Scribblings

On to the final round. A Cryx mirror match! Just like 2012 all over again!


Looking at Matt’s lists, the Coven list looked familiar! I opted to drop Denny1, I thought my Coven build with the added Overlords might give me the edge if it came down to a Coven mirror, but, whilst I don’t mind faction mirror matches I’m not a fan of ‘caster mirror matches. Especially when the lists are so similiar. Bearing that in mind, and with the scenario being Incursion, I opted to drop Denny, reasoning when I feat I can swing hard round one side and hopefully roll up the flank and keep scoring on the outside flag.

I win the roll off and take first turn. We both deploy. Nightmare Preys Brine.

Everything of mine runs up, including Denny. Brine hangs back so as not to get shot by Croes bottom of 1.



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JML SR Rd 3 – Coven v Madrak1 -Entrenched

Strat Cat Scribblings

Into Round 3 and there’s 4 people undefeated at this point, Khador, Trolls, and two Cryx players.  I get drawn against the Trolls.  Tom’s rocking Madrak1 and Grissel1:


Looking at the lists, I didn’t feel Tom would drop Madrak1 with the triple Knights Denny1, one miss / bad scatter and there’s unwanted Vengeance and the Denny1 triple Knights should be decent into Grissel.  Then I actually looked at the table.  The table had a couple of really well placed forests, which the Coven could abuse, so I went with Coven instead figuring they can at least play a game into a lot of things.  Tom dropped Madrak1.  I won the roll off and opted to go first, because Coven.

As is fairly standard in Entrenched I deploy my Soulhunters on the right and Raiders on the left.  Logic being that the faster stuff pushes up hard on that side to…

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JML SR Rd 2 – Denny1 v Lucant – Take & Hold

Strat Cat Scribblings

ThroughRound 1 (check that report for lists)and pretty much straight into Round 2, I’m drawn against Convergence, being piloted by a lad called Ben from around the Oxford area I think. Before I even start looking down his lists I open War Room, then start skimming the units etc in his lists to try and work out what he might drop:


Looking at Mother’s cards, I started getting Haley2 twitches, I didn’t fancy Coven’s expensive heavies being Dominated away from the Egregore to be dragged to their death by Prime Axiom. The triple Ground Pounder from the Assimilator’s didn’t look too attractive either. So I opted to drop Denny1 again. Sure, the dubTEP Lucant list hoses infantry like it’s going out of fashion but I reckoned I could trade Brine for one of the Battle Engines to make it a bit more playable. Ben dropped Lucant.

Ben won…

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