JML SR Rd 2 – Denny1 v Lucant – Take & Hold

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ThroughRound 1 (check that report for lists)and pretty much straight into Round 2, I’m drawn against Convergence, being piloted by a lad called Ben from around the Oxford area I think. Before I even start looking down his lists I open War Room, then start skimming the units etc in his lists to try and work out what he might drop:


Looking at Mother’s cards, I started getting Haley2 twitches, I didn’t fancy Coven’s expensive heavies being Dominated away from the Egregore to be dragged to their death by Prime Axiom. The triple Ground Pounder from the Assimilator’s didn’t look too attractive either. So I opted to drop Denny1 again. Sure, the dubTEP Lucant list hoses infantry like it’s going out of fashion but I reckoned I could trade Brine for one of the Battle Engines to make it a bit more playable. Ben dropped Lucant.

Ben won…

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