JML SR Rd 3 – Coven v Madrak1 -Entrenched

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Into Round 3 and there’s 4 people undefeated at this point, Khador, Trolls, and two Cryx players.  I get drawn against the Trolls.  Tom’s rocking Madrak1 and Grissel1:


Looking at the lists, I didn’t feel Tom would drop Madrak1 with the triple Knights Denny1, one miss / bad scatter and there’s unwanted Vengeance and the Denny1 triple Knights should be decent into Grissel.  Then I actually looked at the table.  The table had a couple of really well placed forests, which the Coven could abuse, so I went with Coven instead figuring they can at least play a game into a lot of things.  Tom dropped Madrak1.  I won the roll off and opted to go first, because Coven.

As is fairly standard in Entrenched I deploy my Soulhunters on the right and Raiders on the left.  Logic being that the faster stuff pushes up hard on that side to…

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