Rules Focus: Precision Strike, Deadly Shot, Marksman, and Sniper

Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners

-By: Scott (PG_Sc077y)

In today’s rules focus, I want to talk about a set of rules that are commonly misplayed, and some of the mistakes I see new players making.  Now, don’t feel bad, because I know a lot of experienced players that make these same mistakes, and trust me, the way they are worded makes people think one thing, but the reality is different.

So today, let’s talk about damage, choosing columns, and dealing “Auto” damage effects.

Yeah, snipers, or really, any model with the rules “Precision Strike”, “Deadly Shot”, “Marksman”, “Sniper”, are some easy to use, but often nuanced rules that need to be discussed, and just to clarify any misunderstanding, we are also going to be talking about Alten Ashley.  We’re including him for the sake of clarification, because while he isn’t a sniper, he is commonly seen with them, and there are several common mistakes.


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