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Getting out of Your Own Head: Dealing with Mistakes

Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners

-By: Scott (PG_Sc077y)

I was playing at a tournament a while ago.  I was playing Vlad 1 vs Naresh, in the finals, and I was tearing him up really good.  Behemoth had killed Tiberion, my Rifle Corps killed off his agonizer, the sniper boat took out his bronze back spirit with grievous wounds to back me up, man, I was in a good position.  He had no heavies, a hand full of beast handlers, and that was it.  I had a juggernaut that wasn’t missing any systems, Behemoth who was missing his movement and his right arm, part of a rifle corps and Vlad.  I was in the dominant position in the game.

Then my opponent moved Naaresh up to within 12” of Vlad.  On my next turn, I went to just cast Blood of Kings and just finish off Naaresh (mainly because Naaresh was too far away from my…

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Decision on the player eligibility rules for WTC country teams

Warmachine & Hordes World Team Championship


Many of you asked the Committee to streamline the eligibility rules for country teams. We debated long and hard on the topic, and decided upon the following rules:

1. The default country a player is eligible to play for is the one where he/she permanently resides.

2. If a player does not reside in the country he/she holds a passport for, he/she can ask permission from the WTC Committee to compete for the country they do hold a passport for instead. In the case of multiple nations falling under 1 passport (eg, the UK), the place of birth can be used instead of the passport.

3. Each country can apply to have 1 mercenary who doesn’t fall into one of the two categories above join one of their teams. This mercenary’s application should be sent to the WTC Committee, together with compelling arguments why said person should be allowed…

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Podcast 137 – Legion vs Circle, Fyanna2 vs Una2: Whips and Birds.

Combo Smite

Last week, Todd and Nick played a fantastic Una2 vs Fyanna2 game. Nick feels that this may be one of the better Legion drops into the new Circle hotness, and Todd is just looking for some retribution for how be played 2 weeks ago (I didn’t see it, but I’m told it was… disappointing).


Direct Download

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Headlock – Rd 2 – Entrenched, Denny1 v Baldur1

Strat Cat Scribblings

Lists for the day are in the Round 1 report.  Round 2 I’m drawn against Circle:


Ian asks questions about my lists, so I run through the lists and the units etc he’s not familiar with.

As a general note to players who are new to going to tournaments, or thinking about, I can’t recommend it enough for improving your ability in the game in leaps and bounds.  If you tell your opponents that you’re still getting up to speed with the game, most players are more than happy to run you through the themes of their lists so you can make a better informed decision on which of your lists to drop etc.

I didn’t fancy dropping Coven into Kaya2, I figured she can likely get her heavies into Deathjack and/or Barathrum and then it’s an uphill struggle to get back into the game.  Denny is the polar…

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Headlock – Rd 3 – Take & Hold, Coven v Irusk2

Strat Cat Scribblings

Going into Round 3, the 4 people in the winners bracket had a little chit-chat with the TO and we were basically all happy to call it a day after Round 3 with final standings on Strength of Schedule otherwise we’re there till ~7pm and I still had a reasonably long journey home to go, so was happy to call it a day!

Again, my lists for the day in the Round 1 report, check that out for lists / thoughts.  For Round 3 I get drawn against Khador:


Haven’t seen Butcher 3 on the table much in Mk3, but both sides of the table had a wall in a decent spot that I wouldn’t be Killboxing myself, so list choices were wide open in terms of avoiding Impending Doom etc.  I didn’t think Chris would drop Butcher3 with both lists running Raiders, given his list was ‘jack heavy. …

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