Headlock – Rd 1 – The Pit, Denny1 v Grim2

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Made it out for a day of games run by the Warlords of Walsall, they always put on a good show so check them out and get along to their events if you can!  Plugs aside, on to the report…

In the few days running up to this I’d toyed with the idea of playing ADR ‘casters, maybe some “old school” Denny1 / Skarre1, but decided on the drive up that I really didn’t want to leave my ‘crutch’ caster on the shelf (this is a recurring theme whatever faction I play once I find a comfort list!) so spent the drive up agonising over second lists.  Nearing Walsall, I finally thought to ask “Do you have your Minions in the boot?” (he does), “Do you have a Battle Boar in the boot?” (he did).  Quickly threw together a Denny1 list.  Sorted, we’re ready to rock!  These were the lists…

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