Decision on the player eligibility rules for WTC country teams

Warmahordes & Guild Ball World Team Championship


Many of you asked the Committee to streamline the eligibility rules for country teams. We debated long and hard on the topic, and decided upon the following rules:

1. The default country a player is eligible to play for is the one where he/she permanently resides.

2. If a player does not reside in the country he/she holds a passport for, he/she can ask permission from the WTC Committee to compete for the country they do hold a passport for instead. In the case of multiple nations falling under 1 passport (eg, the UK), the place of birth can be used instead of the passport.

3. Each country can apply to have 1 mercenary who doesn’t fall into one of the two categories above join one of their teams. This mercenary’s application should be sent to the WTC Committee, together with compelling arguments why said person should be allowed…

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