Rules Clarification: Cavalry

Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners

-By: Scott (PG_Sc077y)
Cavalry, as a unit type, is one of the most interesting units in the game.  They can provide a significant amount of tactical flexibility, mobility, and hitting power combined with accuracy to make any unit in the game blush. They have reposition, most have a damage buff built in, and all cavalry can make impact and mount attacks.

They are also very expensive, and can get taken off the table easily if you aren’t sure how the rules for them work.  So, in this week’s rules clarification, I want to discuss cavalry.

epicxerxisThe first point I want to make, honestly is a little pedantic, but important nonetheless.  There is no such thing as heavy cavalry or light cavalry anymore. It’s all just cavalry.  Ignoring special rules on the cards themselves (like Trollkin Longriders or Cygnar Stormlances) all cavalry act the same way.  So, every rule we are…

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