Caster Focus: Major Beth Maddox

Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners

-By: Ben (Myaori)

untitled10This will be a brief discussion of Cygnar’s new battle box caster and what I think she is good at.

First, looking at the front of her card, she is a Storm Knight warcaster. This means she triggers the accumulator bonus for Stormclad warjacks, giving some focus efficiency with them. She has good MAT and ok RAT, and her defensive stats are decent. She also has immunity to lightning, though this is pretty situational outside of a civil war matchup. Her statline shows she can fight if she needs to, but probably doesn’t want to most of the time. This is because she is more of a support warcaster

Her weapons add to her supportive appearance. A short range pow 12 gun with crit disruption, and a pow 13 sword. Neither of these are likely to be wrecking much, and I wouldn’t even try to shoot…

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