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How to “Git Gud” – Cryx List Building

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Ever since the shift to Mk3, it seems there’s a lot of people having difficulty finding their groove with Cryx.  I seem to have hit a sweet spot where I’m a) enjoying playing Cryx, and b) doing reasonably well with them, so this evening I figured I’d try and offer some insight.


Except he didn’t actually say those exact words, he said something along those lines.  Anyhow, the sentiment is relevant all the same.  I remember how helpful the Legion community was when I was playing Legion, and I lament that the Cryx community isn’t as constructive.  So, time to start doing my bit to try and put something into the community for a change.

Except.  I can’t.  I can’t articulate how I manage to win more games with Cryx than I lose.  So, let’s break it down.  This will likely be the first in a short series of articles…

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Caster Focus: Thagrosh 1

Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners

-By: Richard Brown

thagThis is my favorite legion caster, he has a game plan that is not flashy or exciting he will not wombo combo someone.  He is an attrition caster. We will go over his special ability spell lists feat and good options to play with him, examine his playstyle and have a sample list.

Special rules

Death Shroud

Thagrosh’s aura Death Shroud, is a minus 2 STR to his enemy models within his command of 10 inches. This is his, imho, most powerful feature. Essentially you are giving all of your beasts +2arm while they are within 10 in of him . This is a huge deal for Canvian chassis that has a fairly poor base defensive stat line of DEF 11 arm 18 with 30 boxes.  With Thagrosh, Carnivians can become easily 11/22.


This rule allows him to fill up to fury 7 every turn even if…

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