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Skorne Errata – First impressions


Ok, The errata is finally here!

To start off with: This seems like a great job from PP, a lot more things seems viable in the faction and I really like it overall. This is my thoughts on the errata after very little discussion and no table time, I hope to get back to it in a month or so to give a rundown of how it all worked out.

I will start with my dissapointments to get them out of the way:

Reptile hound nerf seems unessecary. I have never seen them or considered them, could probably be 3 points?

The desert Hydra that I was looking forward to putting on the table is a lot less likely to see table time from me now. It was buffed against most things but the only thing I wanted from it was an actual counter to sprays (yes sprays I my…

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