Journey of a New Player: Vinny Part2

Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners

-By: Vinny (VP18)

The first week of the Journeyman League came and went, and I learned a great deal! My awesome plans for domination on the battlefield turned into a life lesson on how beginner luck goes only so far! It also gave me a great appreciation for the depth of Warmahordes, as I quickly realized how almost every move had a more tactically sound alternative.

ragnor-skysplitter-the-runemaster_andrea-uderzo-14oct15In my first game of the JML, and of MkIII, I played against Tony, who had Rhulic mercenaries, a very shooty list with three light warjacks and one scary heavy. We then set up the terrain which allowed for a mostly open field with a forest on one side and a row of boxes on the other. The dice were rolled for turn one, and a mini-victory allowed me to choose first move. I set the Axer in the middle with Ragnor behind him…

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